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Import data from Excel sheet

You can import properties, renovations, maintenances and leases by an Excel document on SkenarioLabs service's Import & Export-page. Excel sheets can contain only predefined set of columns.

How to

Go to the Export & Import view.

Choose the portfolio where data should be imported or create a new one.

For new portfolios, you can give a title for the portfolio.

Before import, you can also choose if SkenarioLabs should assume all properties to have their renovation history done by assumed renovations. If you choose not to generate historical renovations, all needed renovations and repairs are scheduled for the next year.

After a successful upload, you will be informed which sheets and rows in the uploaded file are invalid and not uploaded to the SkenarioLabs database. A row might be declared invalid if a mandatory cell is empty, or there is a spelling error. Fix these rows appropriately according to these instructions.

See more detailed requirements here.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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