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Property building view

Property building view consists of the basic data of the current building, renovation and technical related information such as weather and solar potential, energy consumption and supply, estimated monthly energy demand and potential, etc.

In this view, user can edit basic details of the building, renovation and some of the technical information

Building details

The basic details of property building are:

Building ID (Identifier for the building. Mandatory field. Must be unique within organisation.)
Building name (Name of the building. Mandatory field.)
Address (Street name and number of the building.)
Postal code (This is required to initiate the analytic calculations.)
City (City name of the building's location.)
Build year (The year when the building was built.)
Description (Additional information about the building)
Building type (Original purpose of the building)
Property group (The property group that the building belongs. Not editable.)
Electric type (Type of electric supply to the building)
Heating type (Type of heating supply to the building)
Number of floors (Can be used to calculate the volume of the building.)
Gross floor area (Area of each floor in the building. Can be used to calculate the volume of the building.)
Volume (Can be used to calculate the heating consumption.)
Number of lifts
Number of balconies
Number of units (The number of known units belonging to the current building)

Besides the basic fields, the form has a number of other detail fields. Changing these values affect analytics results and price estimations created by the Skenarios service.

The exact number and type of the fields vary depending on your organisation settings. For more information on the other fields, please contact your organisation administrator.

User can edit the basic details of the building by clicking "Edit" button on the bottom left of the table.

Planned renovations

The table show planned and assumed renovation from the past to the future of the building and visualize the data from five years before and ten years later from the current year by using bar chart.

Use can add, remove or edit renovation following the instruction in Planning property renovations.

Technical data

Technical data consists of the following information:

Property image: Image about the building
Weather & Solar potential: Visualisation of Property location annual weather with temperature and Solar insolation
Building Components: Building components and part change years based on repairs
Technical state of building: Technical condition of the building
Operating Data: Data about temperature, air and energy in the operating time of the building
Energy consumption: Visualisation of energy consumption
Estimated monthly energy demand and potential: Estimation of monthly energy demand and solar potential of the building
Measured consumption: Recorded heat consumption

Updated on: 22/04/2022

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