The settings page is accessed by clicking user account name in the top right corner of the Skenarios app. The page divided into three tabs:
Account information
Organization users
Custom parameter types

Account information

The account information contains details of user's account. Also, the password change form is located in this view.

Organisation users

The Organization users tab contains a list of all organisation users. User accounts can be enabled and disabled from the user list. Users can log in only with enabled accounts.

Adding new users

New users can be added from the form at the bottom of the page. All fields are mandatory. User's email will also be their username. After the user is created, they will receive a welcome email containing their password and instructions how to log in.

Custom parameter types

Custom parameter types are placeholders for organisation-specific data which is not necessarily considered by the Skenarios standard analytics model. Before parameters can have any values, the parameter types must be defined. The values can be set for each property.

Parameter types can be deleted from the list. Delete will also remove all attached values.

Create custom parameter type

Each custom parameter type requires name and data type. Currently, only numeric and text type parameters are supported. Both fields are mandatory.

Text parameters can handle any text data.
Numeric parameters can only store numeric values which then can be sorted or compared depending on the needs.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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