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Skenarios API documentation

Skenarios service has an API which can be used to maintain portfolio and properties. The base URL for all requests is


Swagger documentation can be found here.

Authorization and security

Authentication is handled by JSON Web Tokens. The token must be passed as a query parameter (apiKey) or as an HTTP header parameter (Authorization). The token is provided same way is in the JWT specification with Bearer initials. For example Authorization: Bearer <your JWT token here>

An optional way of providing the toke is to add it to end of the requested URL as a query parameter: apiKey=<your JWT token here>

The user's token can be found in the Settings page after the user has logged in. Since the API token allows full access as a user of the Skenarios service, it is very important to keep the token in a secure place.

Only secure HTTPS connections are allowed

Data format and response codes

The API accepts only JSON as a parameter, except those parameters, which are delivered as a query parameter. All responses are in JSON.

By default, the service sends the following responses:

Response - Explanation
201 Created - Your request was processed successfully, an object was created
200 OK - Your request was processed successfully
401 Unauthorized - Your request was not authorized, please check the JWT token.
500 Internal Server Error - Whoops! This is embarrassing, something unexpected happened. We'll take a look at the issue as soon as possible.
403 Forbidden - The user-specified in the JWT token has no access privileges on the given object.
404 Not Found - The requested service doesn't exist
400 Bad Request - Something is wrong in the received data or query. This is most likely a format issue.
422 Unprocessable Entity - Sent parameters were understood, but their content was problematic. Please check your input.

For examples and more informations, click here.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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